In advance of planned expansion, Insight CEO John Brunton & COO Barbara Bowlby today announced, effective immediately, showrunners Erin Brock, Lindsay Cox, and Mark Lysakowski have been made Senior Vice Presidents and Rahmiel Rothenberg has been promoted to General Counsel and VP, Legal & Business Affairs. To coincide with the expansion, Susy Papais was promoted to VP of Finance in March. In addition, Brunton and Bowlby announced the creation of an executive team that will focus on long-term strategic planning as Insight looks to grow the company and expand its global business. This newly struck senior management team is comprised of Brock, Cox, Lysakowski, Rothenberg, and Papais, along with Brunton and Bowlby.

Brock, Cox, and Lysakowski, all long-time employees, have been integral to Insight’s enduring success and produced some of its biggest hits. In the newly created SVP roles, the trio will continue to develop and produce the compelling stories and huge ratings Insight is known for, and oversee the company’s strategic growth, in collaboration with Brunton, Bowlby, Papais, and Rothenberg. All three continue to report to Brunton and Bowlby.

“With these promotions, Barb and I are absolutely thrilled to both recognize Lindsay, Erin, Mark, Susy, and Rahmiel’s contributions to Insight’s success and to empower this younger generation as we look to the future,” said John Brunton, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Insight Productions. “The creativity and passion that runs rampant at Insight has always been the driving force behind our success – and these appointments ensure those qualities remain at the heart of our business decisions.”

“We’ve restructured our upper management to ensure stable, long-term growth as we chart a course for the future,” said Barbara Bowlby, Chief Operating Officer & President of Insight Productions. “Lindsay, Erin, Mark, Susy, and Rahmiel will work closely with John and I to maintain and expand Insight’s foothold in the industry as we look for new opportunities.”

Erin Brock has developed and produced multiple hit series including Big Brother Canada – the most watched reality program across all speciality channels in Canada – and has been embracing her passion for storytelling at Insight for 15 years. Her other hit series include Insight’s original formats Battle of The Blades and Canada Sings, among others. She has won many awards, including a CINE Golden Eagle for Big Brother Canada and a Gemini for Battle of the Blades.

Lindsay Cox has been instrumental in creating and showrunning some of Insight’s biggest productions and celebrations of Canadian talent and in the process has won innumerable awards. She joined Insight more than 20 years ago and has produced and developed shows in every genre. Cox’s roster includes international formats like Deal or No Deal Canada and Never Ever Do This At Home; original formats such as Battle of the Blades; scripted comedies like Hatching, Matching & Dispatching; and live multi-camera extravaganzas set in stadiums across the country such as The JUNO Awards.

Over the last ten years with Insight, Mark Lysakowski has created some of the highest rated, most addictive programming in the country. He serves as Supervising Producer of The Amazing Race Canada, the most-watched Canadian show on record, and served as the showrunner on Top Chef Canada and Canadian Idol, among others. In addition to writing and producing, Lysakowski is also responsible for developing new programming.

Rahmiel Rothenberg is responsible for all legal and regulatory matters relating to Insight’s programming and all corporate/commercial legal matters. Rothenberg joined Insight in 2013 and continues to report to Brunton and Bowlby.

Susy Papais, who joined Insight in 2014, oversees all aspects of production and corporate finance, tax compliance, and human resources.