How to Look Good Naked Canada

The statistics are in. The number of gorgeous ladies who are unhappy with their bodies is on the rise. Fabulous females everywhere are bombarded on all sides by images in the media and messages from their lives telling them they don¹t measure up. News flash ladies; Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it¹s time to see yourselves as the delightful creatures you are. Forget the unobtainable bodies you see in the media and forget whatever you’ve been told by anyone who can¹t see you as the exquisite individual you are. The only beauty you should be measuring yourself against is your own. Applying these principles, How to Look Good Naked Canada, host Zain Meghji and a team of fashion and lifestyle experts are on a mission to restore body confidence in women everywhere. No surgery required!

Network: W Network
Airing: 2010
Executive Producer: John Brunton, Barbara Bowlby
Producer: Andrea Gabourie
Starring: Zain Meghji