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Star Racer

“STAR RACER” was on the hunt for the next Paul Tracy, Jacques Villenueve or Danica Patrick, offering the chance of a lifetime to one extraordinary driver. Competitors were a mix of kart racers, already climbing up the ladder of the racing system, and “Speed Demons” from other disciplines who just love to go fast. Star Racer combined the complex science of racing, the precise design of racecars and engines plus the evolving social dynamic of the competitors as they raced to the finish line. Throughout the quest, a special three-person jury comprised of established experts; Paul Tracy, Katherine Legge and Derek Daly, held up competitors to intense scrutiny. The jury evaluated the drivers based on all aspects of championship racing. At the finale, Devin Cunningham – the Star Racer – captured the checkered flag and drove away with a future in big time racing on the professional circuit.
Discovery Channel
Executive Producer
John Brunton, Barbara Bowlby, Roy Krost
Andrew Webb
Erin Brock
Yannick Bisson, Paul Tracy, Katherine Legge, Derek Daly