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Damaged is a psychological thriller about a young student, Michael Craven, who suffers a head injury in an attack by The Braithwaite Brothers, a gang of local thugs. Looking for revenge, he follows Jonny Braithwaite to a darkened warehouse where he witnesses a vicious attack on a total stranger, Naomi Carter. Suffering from dissociative episodes and short-term memory loss, Michael is unable to account for his movements and falls under the suspicion of Detective Laura Shane. Disgraced years ago in a botched investigation of The Wolf, a serial killer that was never found, Shane’s interest in the case is sparked by the fact that both attacks occurred at the sites of two of The Wolf’s murders. What follows is a contemporary crime noir, as both Shane and Michael try to unravel the mystery of the Braithwaites and their strange connection to The Wolf — Shane to find redemption, Michael to clear his own name.