The series stars Chris Jericho as a fictionalized version of himself. In this tongue-in-cheek portrayal of his life, Chris is a former wrestler struggling to make it big as an actor. Despite being on top in the wrestling ring, Chris now clings to the bottom of the acting rung, and must try to contain his frustrations in the face of absurdities in the entertainment industry, as well as the ineptitude of well-intentioned supporters. Check out all the webisodes on butimchrisjericho.com and Shaw Media’s Action YouTube Channel

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Also featured in the web series is Andy Kindler (Bob’s BurgersLast Comic Standing) as Chris’s bumbling agent, Phil Blank and Canadian comedy legend Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall) as Chris’s over-the-top acting teacher, A.J. Mirkin.

Butimchrisjericho.com is launching as an interactive digital media property, with additional content launching every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to complement the web series – including 11 bonus webisodes starring characters from the web series; Chris’s biggest fan, Chad (Laurie Elliott), his roommate, Ryan (Christian Potenza) and his acting teacher, A.J. Mirkin (Scott Thompson); as well as exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Fans have the opportunity to further engage with the series by playing the #BICJ Game, an interactive experience hosted on butimchrisjericho.com. During each new webisode, a unique hashtag embedded in the script is revealed and #BICJ Game players use it on Twitter to create their funniest and most compelling tweets. The webisodic hashtags act as creative springboards as players compete to have their tweets get the most votes on butimchrisjericho.com. The website automatically searches for the hashtags on Twitter and compiles the tweets by webisode to be voted on by fans. Points and badges are awarded to players according to the number of votes earned and entries submitted. Based on performance (upvotes, points earned, frequency), players fall into a certain reputation and experience level with their ranking displayed on the website’s leaderboard.

About Chris Jericho:

Chris Jericho is an acclaimed actor, wrestler, musician, author, radio show host, game show host and television personality who has established himself as a multi-faceted performer with millions of fans worldwide. Jericho began wrestling at age 19 and is one of the most popular performers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. In 2001 he was crowned the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion and in 2012 was named one of the top five most charismatic performers of all-time by the wwe.com. Chris is the lead singer of the internationally successful rock band Fozzy, whose fifth album “Sin and Bones” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Heat seeker charts and its first single “Sandpaper” charted in the top ten of the Sirius/XM channel Octane for 12 weeks straight. Jericho is also a two-time New York Times Bestselling author with his autobiographies; 2007’s “A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex,” and 2011’s “Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps,” displaying his witty and critically acclaimed writing style. A third book is due in the winter of 2014.  Jericho was a popular contestant on Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars. Recently Chris hosted the new Syfy series Robot Combat League featuring tournament-style battles between state-of-the-art humanoid robots controlled by human robo-jockeys. Jericho’s acting credits include roles in the films MacGruber and Albino Farm. He also recently appeared in the Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot a web series produced exclusively for Justin Lin’s YOMYOMF YouTube Channel.