But I’m Chris Jericho!

BUT I’M CHRIS JERICHO!, is a CBC original comedy series built around WWE superstar, actor, television personality, podcaster, writer and musician Chris Jericho. Chris plays a fictionalized version of himself in this tongue-in-cheek portrayal of his life. The new season follows Chris on the outs in the wrestling world, but starring in a low budget Canadian sci-fi series. With his reclaimed taste of fame inflating an already oversized ego, he is ushered into a new world of fans, strange producers, and malicious celebrities.

Network: Season 1 - Action, Season 2 - CBC
Airing: Season 1 - 2013, Season 2 - 2017
Status: Online
Executive Producer: John Brunton, Barbara Bowlby, Shannon Farr, Chris Jericho
Producer: Gary Rideout Jr., Craig Brown, Bob Kerr